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Join Dru's "Spread the Love" Movement

What the world needs now, is love, sweet love.

This was true when Dionne Warwick sang those words in 1966 and even more relevant today.


With my “Spread the Love” campaign, I want to foster love and support throughout the world. You never know when a well timed word of encouragement can brighten someone’s day, give them the strength to push forward or even save a life.


What better way to "Spread the Love" than to leave people a card so they can keep it for when they may need it or pay it forward and pass it along to spread love!


How does it work:


1. Enter your name, email and mailing address below to receive your free pack of 10 cards.

2. Give one to a friend, loved one or better yet, a complete stranger (Add a hug if you’re feeling it)

3. Rinse and repeat to spread more love!

**Available until August, 31st, 2023


Order your FREE pack of cards!

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